Sunday, April 24, 2011

Poh Kong: Shining Mums

Date: 24th April – 2nd May (10 days)

Activities : (3 steps)
a) Event page
  1. Upload a picture of you and your mum ,with the shiniest smiles
  2. Write a slogan “Pearl/Jade/Gold /Diamond best represents my mum, because ……” more than 20 words and less than 50 words 

Please state either one ,either Pearl ,either Jade,either Gold ,either Diamond that best represents your mum.
Poh Konh encourage all the participants to write a short yet touching life story of them with their mum

Attn :
If participants have the ability to paste the picture on the stamp, then you may proceed to post the stamp with the contest link to your profile status .
Otherwise, Poh Kong would assist you to paste the picture on the stamp. Please allow 1 working day to do it.

b) Fans own facebook page
  1. Post the stamp with the contest link to your profile status or your Facebook friend's wall

Tips of winning
  1. Wearing Poh Kong jewellery will not guarantee a prize ,but will improve the chance of winning 
  2. Search the characteristics of each jewellery type ,and that would assist in your slogan writing 

Prizes : (Poh Kong will pick winners mostly based on creativity )
  1. 5 RM350 prizes for the shiniest smiles 
  2. 10 RM350 prizes for the best slogan,.
The prizes would be the jewellery you state in your slogan 

Terms and conditions
  1. Limit to one photo entry per person
  2. Participants must have the rights to the photos submitted for the contest
  3. Digital enhancements are allowed for submitted entries.
  4. Winning entry will be judged based on the shiniest smiles and best slogan 
  5. Winning participants are encouraged to bring their mother to collect prizes
  6. Poh Kong reserves the right to use the submitted photos in any way they deem fit 
  7. Poh Kong reserves the right to disqualify any entry which does not follow the rules 
  8. Poh Kong reserves the right to make amendments or discontinue the promotion without prior notice.
  9. Judges decisions are final and no appeal to dispute decisions will be entertained

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