Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bausch & Lomb: Take It Off, Vote and Win

In this contest, both contestant and voters
have the chance to win
You can participate in the contest once 
and can vote up to a maximum of 10 times

Join as a contestant: 8 July–31 July 2011Voting period: 1 August–30 September 2011
Here’s what you need
  1. Photos of yourself, with and without spectacles, if you are joining as a contestant.
  2. Purchase one box of Bausch + Lomb contact lenses, either SofLens38 or SofLens59. You will be given a card that contains a unique serial number by the eye care professional at participating outlets. You need this unique serial number to participate and/or vote
    • 1 unique serial number = 1 contest entry + 1 vote
  3. Complete and submit the following slogan in no more than 10 words. Put some thought into it, as your slogan cannot be edited and it might just give you that edge in winning in the event of a tie-break
    • SofLens38 / SofLens59 gives me the freedom to look hot when I am…
Who wins?
  • The contestant with the most votes and most creative slogan wins
  • The voter who casted the most votes for the winner of the contest with the most creative slogan wins the Suzuki Alto, worth RM55,000.

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