Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sony: What Makes You, You? Contest

Sony What Makes You, You?
To Participate

  1. SELECT POSTER TYPE. Tell Sony what makes you YOU, in text, image or both!
  2. SUBMIT POSTER. Once you're happy with it, submit the poster! You're also allowed to submit more than one poster.
  3. GET VOTED. The more votes your poster gets, the higher your chances of winning! Top 20 most voted posters will go on a voting finale during campus tour. Sony will be announcing the campus venue after online voting ends! So be sure to make your poster as creative as possible!

  1. 1st Prize: VAOI Premium E x 1 (worth RM3.099)
  2. 2nd Prize: VAOI E x 1 (worth RM2,599)
  3. 3rd Prize: VAOI E x 1 (worth RM1,499)
  4. Consolation Prizes: VAOI Bluetooth Mouse x 10 (worth RM219)
Contest Period: 2 May 2012 - 20th June 2012

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